Bathroom Trends in 2012

January 24, 2012

Spa Inspired BathIn our last post, we gave you a few suggestions for finding fixtures during your bathroom remodel. Are there current trends you want to incorporate as well?

The current bath trend is to make the room a luxurious haven, or a spa within the home. There are several approaches to this.

One trend is to incorporate multiple showerheads, such as a large ceiling head above and one on the side, keeping the water falling on all sides while you cleanse.

Or, if one showerhead is enough for you, a bathroom like this one might be a good fit for your lifestyle. With frameless low curb shower and sleek pedestal cabinetry with simple white sink design, the stylish design of is sleek and functional. They even incorporated a slide bar in the shower – perfect for when you don’t want to get your hair wet!

Selecting elaborate fixtures can also add function to the look and feel of a luxurious spa in the middle of your home. A great example of this is here, where you can see chunky countertops and wall mount faucets, which leave you with more countertop space. A flat screen TV can help you catch up on the morning news while getting ready for work, too!

In terms of materials, mixing natural stone with glass tile can give you a lot of different design options that have a chic look and feel.

Houzz has a lot of great ideas when it comes to looking for bathroom trends you want to incorporate in your home. Check them out at

What bath trends have you seen that you’d like to incorporate into your home? Give us a call to hear our ideas for your space as well!

Photo Credit: Sitka Projects LLC

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