Bathroom Remodel: Waterproofing with Hot Mop Shower Pans

August 15, 2011

Do you really need to invest in a hot mop shower pan during your bathroom remodel? When it comes down to it, a hot mop shower pan is simply a better waterproofing option than a shower pan liner. Don’t just take our word for it, though! The Ceramic Tile Institute of America recommends this method as well.

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How do hot mop shower pans work? Comprised of liquid heated tar and three layers of roofing grade felt, the hot, liquid version is spread over the shower pan. Once it cools and hardens, this tar-like substance seals, waterproofs and protects water from leaking from your shower.

Despite the greater benefits of a hot mop shower pan, some homeowners still opt for a shower liner due to price. Yes, it is cheaper, but this is definitely an example of getting what you pay for. Shower liners puncture much more easily than hot mop shower pans, and can lead to leaks, water damage and expensive bathroom repairs. The good news is that installing a hot mop shower pan during your next bathroom remodeling project can prevent these costly headaches!

Want to know more about waterproofing with hot mop shower pans? Contact us to learn more or incorporate this service into your bathroom remodeling project!

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