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10 Ways to Promote Aging in Place

Congratulations! You’ve found the dream home where you can fufill all your hopes and dreams for the future.  Perhaps, this is the place where you can envision your family can grow old in.  Maybe the place where your aging parents can join your expanding family and have a comfortable space to live in.  Because of this, you may want to take into account what your home will need to accommodate as you and your family continue to grow throughout the years.  Having this in mind, there are necessary steps to take to ensure things, such as functionality, ease of access, and close proximity, for the future of your home.  With things, such as pull out pantries, rounded corners, and slip resistant flooring, this article will provide 10 ways that you can incorporate into your home to promote aging in place.

Now having read this article on promoting aging in place, we hope that you have found it helpful as well as beneficial.  These 10 ways to promote aging in place will ensure the accessibility and functionality needed to create your dream house into a forever home for you and your family. With options, such as shallow sinks, counter height appliances, accessible corner cabinetry, and all drawer cabinets, to incorporate aging in place can be achieved and will be as easy as pie!

If you have any questions or need help with your future remodel or addition project, please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you create a genuine environment!

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The 15 Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas on Houzz

When it comes to creating established storage spaces within the home, the kitchen has always been a difficult and trying one to tackle. With the abundance of new gadgets, bulky appliances, and fancy cookware available today, it is hard to imagine how to best store them in an organized manner. Because of this, these spaces may eventually become an unflattering and cluttered mess.  This article will give you several ways to create custom storage ideas in order to keep these spaces nicely organized. This will help increase functionality and efficiency throughout the kitchen, which will also improve time management and organization now and for the future. With the ideas such as corner drawers, under sink drawers, and appliance garages, these 15 kitchen storage ideas will give you a wide range of different ways to suit any one person’s storage needs for the kitchen.


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Spotlight: 3 More Great Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

We’ve discussed kitchen cabinet accessories a few times before. Because this is such a fantastic way to personalize your home during a kitchen remodeling project, we thought it would be helpful to highlight three more kitchen drawer organizers, all recently added to our Los Gatos remodel.

Knife Storage

Los Gatos Knife StorageAs kitchen cabinet accessories go, this one helps with more than organization: it helps with safety too. An organized knife drawer keeps fingers safe from blades. A kitchen drawer organizer like this one in our Los Gatos kitchen remodeling project does just that. In addition to each knife having a spot, all the handles are on one side and the blades are carefully and easily placed between wooden slits. Have kids? Add a child safety lock and you’re good to go! (more…)

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Corner Kitchen Cabinet Solution: Easy Access Hinges

Upper Kitchen Cabinet Corner Hinges

Upper Kitchen Cabinet Corner Hinges

Several weeks ago we suggested adding a Lazy Susan during your kitchen remodel to use corner cabinet space effectively. But you still need to have enough room to get into the space. What do we recommend? Why not try adding easy access hinges on the door of the cabinet?

Easy Access Corner Cabinet Hinges

As you can see in the photo to the right (from our Los Gatos remodeling project), adding easy access hinges to a corner cabinet is a fantastic way to allow you to use the space effectively. For lower cabinets, a Lazy Susan still lets you grab what you need to without finding yourself on the floor, and for upper cabinets the wider door space allows you to use all the space so no area is wasted or out of reach. (more…)

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Kitchen Remodel Tip: Making the Most of Small Spaces

Utilizing Island Storage Space

Utilizing Island Storage Space

Are you trying to make the most of the area you have during your kitchen remodel? Here’s a tip from our recent Los Gatos remodeling project: use the small spaces as efficiently as possible.

Making the Most of Small Spaces

There are a lot of ways to use the small spaces in your kitchen remodel. In the Los Gatos project, for example, we made sure we kept the island’s plumbing tight so it would fit in a cabinet under the sink (see the photo to the right). We also made sure we optimized the island’s storage by installing cabinets the homeowners could easily access. (more…)

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Kitchen Space Saver: The Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Accessory

Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Accessory

When you think of “Lazy Susan,” an image of a rotating tray piled with food in the center of your kitchen table probably comes to mind. But did you know these handy kitchen accessories can be found tucked away as well? A convenient space saver, the Lazy Susan is a fantastic way to make the most of the corner area in your kitchen cabinets during a remodel.

Adding a Lazy Susan During Your Remodel

A remodel is the perfect time to invest in a Lazy Susan, especially if you feel like it’s hard to use every square inch of your kitchen cabinets. The ultimate space saver, these kitchen accessories allow you to store your mixing bowls, pots, pans, small appliances and more in a place where they’re out of the way yet easy to access. All you need to do is spin the base until you find the item you need. (more…)

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Creating a Wine Rack in Your Home

Wine Rack w/ Display Area

Wine Rack w/ Display Area

Do you like to keep your wine bottles in your home and on-hand? A home remodel is a fantastic time to add a wine rack in your kitchen, dining area or living room.

Designing the Perfect Wine Rack

No matter where you want to display your wine bottles, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Consider how large you want your wine rack to be. How many wine bottles do you want to display? How much space do you want it to take up in your home? (more…)

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Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

In-Cabinet Pull Out Spice Rack

Pull Out Spice Rack

January is often a time people think of home organization. How can you get your house in order?

We’ve discussed kitchen cabinet accessories before and their importance when it comes to keeping the cabinet space organized. Accessories can help you maximize the area and keep an easily-crowded room efficient; incorporating them into your kitchen cabinets during a remodel is a perfect time.

Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Three extremely helpful kitchen cabinet accessories that we recently incorporated into our Saratoga remodeling project are:

  1. A pull-out spice cabinet (pictured).
  2. A lazy susan.
  3. A tray storage cabinet (also pictured). (more…)

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Cottonwood Cabinets – Custom Cabinetry Makes Any Room Perfect

Cottonwood Cabinets in a country kitchen

Cottonwood Cabinets

When it comes to designing a room, many people dream of having custom cabinets to bring the design together. With Cottonwood Cabinets, anyone can have personalized
cabinetry for their home. Each cabinet made by Cottonwood is hand built to order as per your specifications and details. All cabinetry is made for your individual needs and requirements. Cottonwood Cabinets creates cabinetry so unique it brings the feel of exquisite quality and lasting furniture into the home environment.  (more…)

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cabinet Hinges [infographic]

When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom it is important to understand one of the most fundamental elements of new cabinets — The Cabinet Hinge. Selecting a cabinet hinge can be confusing to someone unfamiliar with woodworking. This graphic tries to clear up the confusion relating to the various different cabinet constructions. (more…)

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