Eco-Friendly Design Option: Lumicor Resin Panels

September 28, 2011

Kitchen cabinets with resin panlsOne fun eco-friendly design option we like to offer homeowners is Lumicor resin panels. This fun product can be used as a back to a kitchen island, inserts in cabinetry and interior doors, partitions to rooms and more!

Lumicor’s products are a fantastic alternative to traditional decorative glass. Each translucent panel captures light in a beautiful, extraordinary way, and the inserts come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and designs. There are several reasons resin wall panels are great option for homeowners:

  • They are 10 times stronger and half the weight of glass
  • Each panel contains a minimum of 50% recycled resin content
  • All of these products are easy to clean with mild soap and a soft cloth or sponge

LumicorIn addition to offering an extremely wide variety of designs and options, all of Lumicor’s resin panels are eco-friendly:

  • The company reuses 21 million gallons of water annually in their closed loop manufacturing system
  • 865 million BTUs are saved by the company every year by heating their facility with reclaimed thermal energy generated by their manufacturing process
  • Lumicor’s products are made using recycled glass and sustainable materials
  • Each panel has a renewable surface which extends the product life cycle
  • Lumicor products are 100% recyclable through their network of pre-approved recyclers.
  • Lumicor offers a choice of 2 resins to meet the performance requirements of your project:
    • Lumiclear acrylic resin offers superior clarity, abrasion and UV resistance.
    • Lumiform PETG resin offers Class A fire rating and superior chemical resistance.

LumicorHave you considered adding resin panels to your home before? Contact us to find out more or for specific ideas to integrate them into your home!

Photos courtesy of Lumicor

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