Kitchen Appliance Spotlight: Sub-Zero Refrigerators

January 24, 2013

Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Sub-Zero Refrigerator

If you read our recent post about Wolf Cooktops, you know that swapping a kitchen appliance in your home is a big deal, which is why a home remodel is a great time to think about your stove, refrigerator, oven and more. What type of refrigerator do we recommend? Sub-Zero, Wolf’s sister company, makes several fantastic options.

Why We Like Sub-Zero Refrigerators

There are a lot of reasons we recommend Sub-Zero refrigerators to our clients. In addition to being produced right here in the United States, Sub-Zero makes each and every kitchen appliance with sustainability in mind. As explained on their site, “Sub-Zero products often consume less energy than traditional appliances. Even the largest Sub-Zero refrigerator consumes less power than a 100-watt bulb.”

Sub-Zero also offers a lot of design options for their refrigerators. Our Saratoga remodeling project opted for a stainless steel Over-and-Under Refrigerator/Freezer (as you can see in the picture), but homeowners can also choose models with glass doors, French doors, side-by-side options or one big freezer/refrigerator.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Inside

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Inside

Of course, the exterior isn’t the only quality we look for in a kitchen appliance. Sub-Zero offers dual refrigeration so fresh and frozen foods are preserved in the best way possible. Instead of using one compressor to cool both areas, “each refrigerator and freezer area has its own dedicated, sealed system with compressor and evaporator.” This also reduces the amount of energy consumed as the two sides don’t need to work against each other to maintain their core temperatures.

Other benefits to Sub-Zero refrigerators include:

  • A microprocessor that monitors each section of the kitchen appliance to keep food at their ideal temperature. It also gives the homeowner access to the lighting and cooling fan, notifies them if a door or drawer is left open and defrosts frozen food based on use patterns, local climate and time of the year.
  • Airtight seals that reduce the amount of energy used.
  • An air purification system that gets rid of ethylene gas, which is naturally emitted by produce, keeping fruits and vegetables fresher for longer periods of time.

Want to know more about this kitchen appliance? Visit Sub-Zero’s website or contact us! We’re happy to provide our recommendations to help you create your dream kitchen during a complimentary in-home consultation.

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