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Kitchen Sinks: Pros and Cons to the Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse Sink Closeup

Farmhouse Sink Closeup

When it comes to a remodel, some people spend a lot of time thinking about kitchen sinks and some don’t. How particular you are about your kitchen sink generally has to do with what you often use it for. Are you a foodie who loves to cook? Do you care more about the style of the sink or how easy it is to clean?

The Farmhouse Sink

We recently installed a farmhouse sink (also known as apron sinks) in our Saratoga remodeling project (photo to the right). A popular choice for many homeowners right now, these kitchen sinks are known for a deeper bowl that protrudes from the surrounding countertop and cabinets. It is a fantastic option for those that want a little bit more space in their sink and that like the old-fashion look it provides. (more…)

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Corner Kitchen Cabinet Solution: Easy Access Hinges

Upper Kitchen Cabinet Corner Hinges

Upper Kitchen Cabinet Corner Hinges

Several weeks ago we suggested adding a Lazy Susan during your kitchen remodel to use corner cabinet space effectively. But you still need to have enough room to get into the space. What do we recommend? Why not try adding easy access hinges on the door of the cabinet?

Easy Access Corner Cabinet Hinges

As you can see in the photo to the right (from our Los Gatos remodeling project), adding easy access hinges to a corner cabinet is a fantastic way to allow you to use the space effectively. For lower cabinets, a Lazy Susan still lets you grab what you need to without finding yourself on the floor, and for upper cabinets the wider door space allows you to use all the space so no area is wasted or out of reach. (more…)

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Kitchen Remodel Tip: Making the Most of Small Spaces

Utilizing Island Storage Space

Utilizing Island Storage Space

Are you trying to make the most of the area you have during your kitchen remodel? Here’s a tip from our recent Los Gatos remodeling project: use the small spaces as efficiently as possible.

Making the Most of Small Spaces

There are a lot of ways to use the small spaces in your kitchen remodel. In the Los Gatos project, for example, we made sure we kept the island’s plumbing tight so it would fit in a cabinet under the sink (see the photo to the right). We also made sure we optimized the island’s storage by installing cabinets the homeowners could easily access. (more…)

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Design Only: A Cupertino Remodeling Project

Cupertino Kitchen Design

Cupertino Kitchen Design

In the past we’ve talked about how CAGE Design Build can help you create your dream home, whether you’re remodeling the whole house or you just want to update a room or two. Did you know we can also help with just the design aspect?

From Design Build to Design Only

In previous posts, we’ve highlighted the advantages of working with a design build firm like CAGE. In addition to more control with the budget and a higher quality of design and construction, the process allows for more thorough and accurate communication between the designer and builder as they work with each other closely and regularly. This example from a client shares how the process allows us to provide an estimate very early on and make sure the project we design will realistically fit within your budget, in addition to recreating your home in a way that will better fit your family’s lifestyle. (more…)

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Kitchen Space Saver: The Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Accessory

Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Accessory

When you think of “Lazy Susan,” an image of a rotating tray piled with food in the center of your kitchen table probably comes to mind. But did you know these handy kitchen accessories can be found tucked away as well? A convenient space saver, the Lazy Susan is a fantastic way to make the most of the corner area in your kitchen cabinets during a remodel.

Adding a Lazy Susan During Your Remodel

A remodel is the perfect time to invest in a Lazy Susan, especially if you feel like it’s hard to use every square inch of your kitchen cabinets. The ultimate space saver, these kitchen accessories allow you to store your mixing bowls, pots, pans, small appliances and more in a place where they’re out of the way yet easy to access. All you need to do is spin the base until you find the item you need. (more…)

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Creating a Wine Rack in Your Home

Wine Rack w/ Display Area

Wine Rack w/ Display Area

Do you like to keep your wine bottles in your home and on-hand? A home remodel is a fantastic time to add a wine rack in your kitchen, dining area or living room.

Designing the Perfect Wine Rack

No matter where you want to display your wine bottles, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Consider how large you want your wine rack to be. How many wine bottles do you want to display? How much space do you want it to take up in your home? (more…)

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Sustainable Living: Adding an In-Home Recycling Center

Pull Out Recycling Center

Pull Out Recycling Center

Sustainable living is very important to CAGE Design Build, which is why we often recommend eco-friendly materials to homeowners. Another kitchen accessory to keep in mind during a remodel is an in-home recycling center as it’s often the perfect time to add an easy-to-use, visually appealing system of bins.

Creating an Effective Recycling Center

Iowa State University offers helpful tips and tricks for creating a sustainable home recycling center including:

  • Make recycling as convenient as possible…choose a spot in or near the kitchen (where most of the solid waste is generated).
  • For your recycling center in the kitchen…slide-out storage provides convenient access.
  • The number and size of storage containers you’ll need depends on the number of categories into which you must sort solid waste…check local recycling requirements to decide how complicated a storage system you’re going to need. (more…)

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Honed Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen Remodel

Honed Black Granite Kitchen Countertop

Honed Black Granite Kitchen Countertop

Have you thought about installing honed granite countertops during your kitchen remodel? If your house is as busy as most homes, your counters will be used for more than cooking (such as craft projects, games etc). It’s important you pick something that will reflect your personality in its design and care.

Honed Granite Countertops – The Basics

You’ve probably heard of granite counters, but what are “honed granite countertops”? As you can see from the photo taken at our Saratoga remodeling project (above), a honed surface doesn’t reflect the way a polished surface does; it’s more like a matte finish. A lot of homeowners choose them during their kitchen remodel because of their softer, more natural appearance. (more…)

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Kitchen Appliance Spotlight: Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Sub-Zero Refrigerator

If you read our recent post about Wolf Cooktops, you know that swapping a kitchen appliance in your home is a big deal, which is why a home remodel is a great time to think about your stove, refrigerator, oven and more. What type of refrigerator do we recommend? Sub-Zero, Wolf’s sister company, makes several fantastic options.

Why We Like Sub-Zero Refrigerators

There are a lot of reasons we recommend Sub-Zero refrigerators to our clients. In addition to being produced right here in the United States, Sub-Zero makes each and every kitchen appliance with sustainability in mind. As explained on their site, “Sub-Zero products often consume less energy than traditional appliances. Even the largest Sub-Zero refrigerator consumes less power than a 100-watt bulb.” (more…)

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Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

In-Cabinet Pull Out Spice Rack

Pull Out Spice Rack

January is often a time people think of home organization. How can you get your house in order?

We’ve discussed kitchen cabinet accessories before and their importance when it comes to keeping the cabinet space organized. Accessories can help you maximize the area and keep an easily-crowded room efficient; incorporating them into your kitchen cabinets during a remodel is a perfect time.

Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Three extremely helpful kitchen cabinet accessories that we recently incorporated into our Saratoga remodeling project are:

  1. A pull-out spice cabinet (pictured).
  2. A lazy susan.
  3. A tray storage cabinet (also pictured). (more…)

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