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Fabulous Flooring: Oak Hardwood Floors

Los Gatos KitchenHave you considered your flooring lately? As a prominent part of your overall design, a home remodel is a good time to consider updating various rooms with something like oak hardwood floors. Used throughout our recent Los Gatos remodeling project (as you can see in the picture), oak flooring is a beautiful, classic option that will last for decades and add value to your home.

Benefits to Oak Hardwood Floors

Why should you consider oak flooring for your home? As San Jose Hardwood Floors explains, wood flooring is known for several benefits:

  • Adding value. Wood enhances the décor of any room and provides timeless, classic beauty that becomes more valuable over time. In fact, in a national survey of real estate agents, 90% said that houses with wood floors sell faster and for higher prices than houses without hardwood. (more…)

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The Kitchen Backsplash: Common Trends & Materials

Tile Backsplash

Tile Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is an easy way to add some personal style into your home along with a functional purpose. You can pick something simple but elegant (as in our Los Gatos project, photo to the right) or a design that’s more ornate and vibrant. How do you pick the backsplash that’s right for your overall kitchen design?

Kitchen Backsplash Trends

As we shared in a post earlier this year, subway tile is a popular backsplash trend right now. It fits into almost any kitchen design well, and the color white can make the room classic and timeless for decades. Other popular trends right now include using stainless steel, tile mosaics and more. (more…)

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Kitchen Space Saver: The Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Accessory

Lazy Susan Kitchen Cabinet Accessory

When you think of “Lazy Susan,” an image of a rotating tray piled with food in the center of your kitchen table probably comes to mind. But did you know these handy kitchen accessories can be found tucked away as well? A convenient space saver, the Lazy Susan is a fantastic way to make the most of the corner area in your kitchen cabinets during a remodel.

Adding a Lazy Susan During Your Remodel

A remodel is the perfect time to invest in a Lazy Susan, especially if you feel like it’s hard to use every square inch of your kitchen cabinets. The ultimate space saver, these kitchen accessories allow you to store your mixing bowls, pots, pans, small appliances and more in a place where they’re out of the way yet easy to access. All you need to do is spin the base until you find the item you need. (more…)

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Honed Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen Remodel

Honed Black Granite Kitchen Countertop

Honed Black Granite Kitchen Countertop

Have you thought about installing honed granite countertops during your kitchen remodel? If your house is as busy as most homes, your counters will be used for more than cooking (such as craft projects, games etc). It’s important you pick something that will reflect your personality in its design and care.

Honed Granite Countertops – The Basics

You’ve probably heard of granite counters, but what are “honed granite countertops”? As you can see from the photo taken at our Saratoga remodeling project (above), a honed surface doesn’t reflect the way a polished surface does; it’s more like a matte finish. A lot of homeowners choose them during their kitchen remodel because of their softer, more natural appearance. (more…)

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Kitchen Appliance Spotlight: Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Sub-Zero Refrigerator

If you read our recent post about Wolf Cooktops, you know that swapping a kitchen appliance in your home is a big deal, which is why a home remodel is a great time to think about your stove, refrigerator, oven and more. What type of refrigerator do we recommend? Sub-Zero, Wolf’s sister company, makes several fantastic options.

Why We Like Sub-Zero Refrigerators

There are a lot of reasons we recommend Sub-Zero refrigerators to our clients. In addition to being produced right here in the United States, Sub-Zero makes each and every kitchen appliance with sustainability in mind. As explained on their site, “Sub-Zero products often consume less energy than traditional appliances. Even the largest Sub-Zero refrigerator consumes less power than a 100-watt bulb.” (more…)

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Window Replacement Options From Pella

Double-hung Pella window

Pella’s windows are fantastic options for your home remodel.

Are you considering a window replacement during your home renovation? Our recent Saratoga remodeling project included new windows from Pella, one of the companies we like to recommend (pictured). What do we like about Pella?

Energy Efficiency

At CAGE Design Build we try to make all of our projects as sustainable as possible. For windows, this means multiple panes of glass, low-emissivity (Low-E) glass coatings and argon (colorless gas is that provides extra insulation from the heat and cold). Pella makes sure they reduce as much waste as possible by reusing and recycling excess materials, in addition to using environmentally-friendly products and stains throughout the product line. (more…)

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Cottonwood Cabinets – Custom Cabinetry Makes Any Room Perfect

Cottonwood Cabinets in a country kitchen

Cottonwood Cabinets

When it comes to designing a room, many people dream of having custom cabinets to bring the design together. With Cottonwood Cabinets, anyone can have personalized
cabinetry for their home. Each cabinet made by Cottonwood is hand built to order as per your specifications and details. All cabinetry is made for your individual needs and requirements. Cottonwood Cabinets creates cabinetry so unique it brings the feel of exquisite quality and lasting furniture into the home environment.  (more…)

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Painting Do’s and Don’ts

Rich Yellow Paint

Rich Yellow Paint

Painting is a great way to spruce up your home, but there are some common mistakes that many people make. We’ve put together this list of painting do’s and don’ts to help you avoid making any costly painting errors.

Painting Do #1:Choose Colors from Nature

If your son wants his room painted his favorite color: green, tell that to the paint store assistant and he’ll give you a few shades to choose from. Readers Digest suggests, “When in doubt, opt for colors that Mother Nature created. Natural colors call less attention to themselves and generally better compliment other elements of the décor — furnishings, artwork, etc.—than manufactured colors.” If you’re still not sure about the color, buy a quart first instead of a large quantity in case you’re not committed to the color. Paint a piece of foam board and move it around the room to see how the light affects the color at different times of the day. (more…)

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A Beginner’s Guide to Cabinet Hinges [infographic]

When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom it is important to understand one of the most fundamental elements of new cabinets — The Cabinet Hinge. Selecting a cabinet hinge can be confusing to someone unfamiliar with woodworking. This graphic tries to clear up the confusion relating to the various different cabinet constructions. (more…)

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Molding – How It Can Add a Special Touch To Your Remodel

Molding Can Add a Special Touch

Molding Can Add a Special Touch

Whether you are remodeling a room in your house or taking on a slightly bigger project; molding can really spruce up your home.

Crown molding is the word most often used to describe moldings designed to decorate the walls, cabinets and doorframes in a home among other things. Molding can add a luxurious touch to your remodel quickly and easily.

But don’t confuse ease with quality! The quality used for materials can make all the difference in how the look comes together after the moldings have been installed. As a matter of fact, there are seven myths when it comes to crown molding installation.

Among some of those myths (and truths) are:

Myth: Not being able to install crown molding because of too-low ceilings.
Truth: In reality, crown molding gives the room the appearance that it has taller ceilings than it does. (more…)

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