The Skinny on Sheetrock: What Are Your Options?

June 14, 2011

Whether you call it sheetrock, drywall, gypsum board or wallboard, this type of panel has become the most popular form of wall surfacing because it’s cheaper, lighter, stronger and easier to install than the plaster found in older homes.

When installing sheetrock in your home, there are a few decisions to make: Square or rounded corners? Smooth or textured surfaces?

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Square vs. Rounded Corners

The main reason to choose square or rounded (or bull-nosed) corners is personal preference, although there are a few benefits to each:

Benefits to Rounded Corners:

  • Can provide an attractive, updated look to any room, especially as they’ve become a common upgrade in new homes.
  • Soften the room and look fantastic when used in arched openings.
  • Don’t chip or fracture as easily as the square ones.

Benefits to Square Corners:

  • Allow for an easier paint color transition from wall to wall.
  • Baseboards are installed more easily.
  • Typically use a tight metal corner bead as opposed to a larger plastic base.

Smooth vs. Textured Surfaces

Retexturing or smoothing walls are an easy way to freshen your home. Textured sheetrock ranges from light to heavy with both simple and complex designs. The most common application is a spray because it uses less labor and is more cost-effective than hand-applied finishes. Sheetrock is generally left smooth for wallpaper or for paint.

C.A.G.E. Design Build uses United States Gypsum Company (USG) when a client wants to update their sheetrock. As the inventor of wallboard and mineral wool ceiling tile, USG is the nation’s largest distributor of drywall and related building products.

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