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July 5, 2012

Solatube Decorative FixturesAs we’ve shared before, one of our favorite ways to light a home is the Solatube Daylighting System. Did you know there are options beyond the standard fixtures, though?

We’re excited that Solatube now has options that look more like standard light fixtures, which allows homeowners to pick a style that goes with the overall design of their house. Sunlight Concepts now carries six different fixtures, from clean, contemporary designs to chic shades and more, in addition to four different effect lenses you can choose. These effect lenses adjust the light and give you the options to either soften or warm the light color. Their site showcases all these options and more.

Here are the six fixtures currently available:

  1. JustFrost – Simply stunning, JustFrost showcases sunlight in a clean, contemporary design.
  2. OptiView® – The unique dazzling lens of OptiView delivers artful views of the sky.
  3. TierDrop – Cascading. Classic. Beautiful.
  4. AuroraGlo – When the room demands a design element, AuroraGlo commands attention.
  5. QuadraFrost – Deliver stunning daylight with symmetry and style. QuadraFrost can be arranged to complement or contrast the lines of any room.
  6. VividShade – The chic VividShade accents daylight with contemporary fabric.

What exactly is Solatube? This eco-friendly, maintenance-free solar tube captures light through a dome on the roof and channels it into the home through an internal reflective system. It’s more efficient than a traditional drywall skylight shaft and fits between rafters, so it can be installed without structural modification. Benefits include:

  • Exceptional lighting.
  • Cost-effective product and installation costs.
  • Installation is fast, clean and easy.
  • It can be installed almost anywhere – the leakproof design fits all roof types.
  • It’s good for you – increasing daily exposure to natural light can enhance mental and physical well-being, boost concentration and energy levels and more.

Not sure which Solatube fixture would be best in your home? We’re happy to offer our feedback and why we think a certain style would be best for your space. Contact us to learn more!

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