Tile Installation: Mortar Bed or Hardibacker Board?

July 26, 2011

After deciding you’d like to use tile as part of your home remodel, the next choice to make is how to install it. Will you use a mortar bed or a hardibacker board?

Mortar beds for tile

At CAGE Design Build, we always use a mortar bed as it holds up much better. Consisting of roofing felt, wire mesh and mortar, a mortar bed has several advantages including:

  • It levels out the unevenness.
  • It creates an ideal surface to which the tile can be bonded.
  • It incorporates a slope if needed (such as a slope to a drain).
  • It reinforces the layers beneath the surface level.

A lot of do-it-yourself homeowners use Hardibacker Boards, but in our experience they just don’t last as long, and in the long run we find mortar beds to be a better option.

To see examples of beautiful tile to incorporate around your home, please visit Tile Fantastic. Feel free to contact us for ideas specific to your home, too!

Photo courtesy of North American Tile

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