Vaulted Ceilings – Make Your Room Feel More Spacious

October 23, 2012

Vaulted Ceiling with Skylights

Vaulted Ceiling with Skylights

Have you ever considered a vaulted ceiling for your home? Vaulted ceilings have historically been a sign of wealth and luxury. According to, “The vaulted ceiling has had its major ups and downs in terms of the love or hatred directed at it by homeowners, builders, architects, and designers. Sometimes known as a cathedral ceiling, one of its major pitfalls that it is a notorious energy-waster. On the good side, these types of ceilings look good and provide a lot of light inside a house.” Not only can they make a room feel more luxurious, vaulted ceilings can also make a room feel more open and spacious as you can see in our recent Saratoga remodeling project.

Different Kinds of Vaulted Ceilings

When deciding to incorporate a vaulted ceiling in the design of your home, first you need to determine which type of vault you’d like to use. The barrel vault is the simplest form of a vault, also known as a tunnel vault or a wagon vault, it is formed by a single curve. The curves are generally circular and lend a semi-cylindrical appearance to the total design. A groin vault, sometimes known as a double barrel vault or cross vault, is produced by the intersection of two barrel vaults. A groin vault, unlike a barrel vault, is a good use of both material and labor. “According to builder Joseph Fusco, different kinds of vaulted ceilings have different advantages: the dome is simple to construct; the barrel vault is quick to fabricate; and the groin vault, although more complicated, is especially beautiful,” says Michael Wolfe, eHow Contributor.

What is the purpose of a vaulted ceiling?

The purpose of a vaulted ceiling is strictly aesthetic. “Vaulted ceilings give rooms a light and airy feeling. For one, vaulted ceilings allow for skylights, which are more difficult to install in a conventional flat ceiling. Also, vaulted ceilings can make a small room feel like it has more floor space, even though it does not,” says Lee Wallender, guide. If you want to make your room feel larger, incorporating vaulted ceilings in the design is a good way to do it.

Examples of Vaulted Ceilings

Do you want to make your home feel larger and more luxurious by incorporating vaulted ceilings in the design? Check out 12 of the most beautiful historical vaulted ceilings. These historical vaulted ceilings are great inspiration. Another great source for vaulted ceiling inspiration is’s list of vaulted ceilings in modern home designs.

Vaulted ceilings can make a small room feel larger and more luxurious. If you want to add a touch of luxury to your home design, contact us for a free consultation today.

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