Wine Drinkers! Customize Your Home Design with a Wine Rack

November 9, 2012

San Jose Remodel Wine Rack

Custom Wine Rack Under Stairway

When homeowners decide to remodel, it’s because they want to customize their space to exactly fit their needs. In the Bay Area, we have access to so many great wines and wineries, and many homeowners need a place to store their collection. CAGE Design Build can help you customize a wine rack to store all your delicious wines.

Why a Wine Rack?

Storing wine is not rocket science, but many less experienced wine drinkers don’t understand some of the more subtle intricacies of storing high quality wines. There are three things you want to remember when storing wine:

  1. Keep it dark – If it is in direct light consistently, it will affect the flavor of the wine significantly and result in premature aging.
  2. Keep it still – Constant movement agitates it and can keep the sediment from settling in a red wine, which will wreck it.
  3. Keep it sideways – This will keep the cork moist, which should keep the cork from shrinking and allowing the enemy of wine, oxygen, to seep into the bottle.

When you use a wine rack, you can ensure that your wine will stay relatively dark, still and will always remain sideways.

What Kind of Wine Rack?

If you’re now convinced that you need a wine rack to maintain the quality of your wine, there are many options to consider. You could go to a home supply store and pick up a tabletop wine rack, but many of these units are easily moved and will not stay as still as a built-in rack. For the true aficionado, a built-in wine rack is the way to go. Incorporating a built-in wine rack to your home design can add wine storage space without taking away from your living space. In our recent San Jose remodel project, we installed the pictured wine rack for the homeowner. This built-in rack is perfect because it keeps the bottles in relatively low light and they always remain still and sideways.

Do you want to incorporate wine racks into your home remodel? We can design one perfect for your home. Contact us today for assistance with all your home renovation needs.

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