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What's the Best Thing About
Your Bathroom?

Is it the deluxe soaking tub? The abundance of counter space? The heated towel rack? The double sinks that mean never having to share your space? The heated floor? Or are you still waiting for the right time to remodel the bathroom so it has all your favorite things? We can help with that. CAGE Design Build has proven experience designing and building award-winning bathrooms. It's time you found a new favorite feature.

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At CAGE Design Build we handle every aspect of your remodel. Our designers and contractors communicate from day one to make sure that the bathroom you see on paper becomes the bathroom you see in your home, and the price you're given in the beginning is the same as the one you get at the end.

Designed for Form and Function

A beautifully designed bathroom can be a sanctuary: an oasis of calm on a crazy day. But it's also a place of practicality. Insufficient storage space and impossible to clean surfaces can suck the joy out of the most graceful designs. At CAGE Design Build , we believe you can have it all. The features you need in the space you want.

It's All in the Details

Time to get creative. Intricate floor tile or an unusual backsplash drawing can add that final touch, taking your bathroom from good to wonderful. We've created some incredible, custom floor plans and cabinetry for some unique Saratoga spaces. Let us help you find your finishing touch.

If you're ready to remodel your bathroom, kitchen or any room at all, contact CAGE Design Build, and we'll get started transforming the home you have into the home you've always wanted.