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6 Reasons to Add Tile Baseboards During a Bath Remodel

Bathrooms and laundry rooms experience immense amounts of moisture. Unfortunately, moisture is not your friend when it comes to many materials. The good news is there are options that can add character and remain easy to maintain! One product to consider in particular is a tile baseboard. These gorgeous baseboards are made completely from tile and add character that protects your home from damage.

Installing tile baseboards was one upgrade we included in our recent Saratoga remodeling project (pictured above). Ultimately, the homeowners liked the look they were able to create with the tile and the ease of maintenance in the long run.

Why consider installing tile baseboards during your next bath remodel or laundry room revamp? Here are 6 benefits to consider:

  1. Ease of Maintenance: Tile requires minimal cleaning and does not require special products or treatments like many of the hardwood floors or baseboards do. A tile baseboard can be washed with a regular sponge and cleaning products just like a tile floor would be cleaned.

  2. Cost Effective: Tile still remains the most cost effective dollar for dollar flooring option on the market today and is a solid long-term investment.

  3. Durability: Tile baseboards can prevent common bathroom damage. Water damage in particular will not occur the same way it would happen with wooden baseboards, as moisture does not affect the tile in the same ways it would other materials.

  4. Ease of Repair: Tiles can be removed individually for repair while wooden baseboards must be removed in its entirety to be replaced.

  5. Stylish: A tile baseboard can create a splash of character and individualism in your room making a stunning statement.

  6. Capital Improvement: Tile in many cases will potentially increase resale value of a home.

As you can see, tile baseboards are definitely a change to consider making during your next bath remodel. Curious what sort of design might be a good fit for your home? Contact us for a complimentary in-home consultation!

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