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Houzz Pro Spotlight: 3 Ways to Customize Your Kitchen

Whether it’s a relaxing refuge to sip your coffee or a frenetic scene of fast-moving meal prep, your kitchen is probably the hub of your home life. “The kitchen brings the family together,” says Kelly Funk, the lead designer and co-owner of CAGE Design Build in San Jose. “It’s the space where everyone gathers before the day starts and as it ends.” With co-owner Dave Wampler, CAGE’s lead contractor, the residential design-build firm delivers creative, highly customized kitchens that totally suit their clients’ busy lives.

Coming together for a common goal. Wampler, who has worked in construction from an early age, began his career in cabinetry before becoming a contractor and project manager. Funk, who had always loved art and interior design, was drawn to residential design during her college internships. “You’re working one-on-one with a client to create a space that brings their ideas to life,” she says.

Wampler and Funk combined their business expertise in CAGE Design Build in 2009, named using the first letter of each of their children’s names. “We started the business as we were both raising our families,” Funk says. “It follows that our designs follow the same goal — to make a home for our clients and their families.”

Building relationships with consistency and reliability. As a design-build firm, Wampler and Funk work with their clients from the earliest conversations to a project’s detail-oriented execution. “Our clients get to know both of us from day one,” Wampler says. “It’s a highlight for our clients that they’re never handed off to someone they don’t know.” With Funk walking through design details and Wampler verifying what’s possible, trust is established at the outset. “Our subcontractors, some of whom we’ve been working with for over 25 years, are hand-selected,” Wampler says. “Our clients won’t have strangers in their homes. Instead we’re all part of this working family.”

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