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Toilet Selection Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

As you consider your bathroom remodel, have you factored in your toilet? There are a lot of elements to keep in mind: design, water efficiency, flush rate, etc. What do we recommend when it comes to toilets? It’s no secret that we love high-quality, eco-friendly products, which is why TOTO Toilets are definitely worth looking at!

A bathroom remodeling project is the perfect time to evaluate your toilet. How well does it work? Does it use a lot of water? With a wide range of models and styles, TOTO Toilets are practically clog-proof and qualify for many rebates offered by water districts for replacing water-hogging toilets with the low-flow variety.

In fact, TOTO has been in the low-flow toilet business for decades, and the EPA has even integrated some of the company’s methods into its testing protocols. TOTO’s rigorous flushing tests are more extensive than current industry standards so as a homeowner you can rest assured your new toilet’s outstanding one-flush performance and true water savings compliment your new overall bathroom remodel.

How can you be sure your new toilet is sustainable? TOTO is monitored and tracked by several independent organizations, including:

  • EPA National Environmental Achievement Track

  • EPA SmartWay Transportation Program

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • World Resources Institute Member

  • Climate Southeast Partner

Curious how TOTO’s innovative flushing techniques work? Their site offers helpful videos and diagrams that explain the Double Cyclone, E-Max, Dual Max and G-Max flushing systems. We recommend you check it out to decide which you system you prefer for your home!

In addition to TOTO’s innovative, sustainable technology, another important element is their style. With traditional, transitional and contemporary styles, we’re sure you can find the ideal toilet for your bathroom remodeling project. The best part? Their numerous designs are functional, accessible and flexible, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.

Want to know more about incorporating TOTO toilets into your bathroom remodel? Contact us and we’ll provide suggestions!

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