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Amazing Backyard Renovation and Pool Design Ideas

Putting a pool in your backyard is one of the most exciting things you can do as a homeowner. You’re basically building a private resort in your backyard, making it the perfect home renovation. And with so many backyard pool design ideas, it’s fun to consider all of your options before making the plunge. So whether you’re ready to put a pool in soon, or it’s just something you’ve always wanted to do and may someday, below are some of the most creative backyard pool design ideas out there.

The spa feel

This style, of course, looks like a spa. The pool itself is usually set low into a deck area, giving it something of a hot spring look. Soothing plant life surrounds the pool. Wooden and stone partitions may sit near parts of the pool. And some even have casual deck furniture like outdoor beanbag seats.

A tropical paradise

Some homeowners opt for re-creating the inclusive resort feel right in the backyard. The pool area itself is surrounded by stone walls. Tropical-looking plants like ferns spot the deck area in some cases. Lounge chairs and umbrellas line the deck.

The backyard pool bar

If you’ve been to resorts lately, you’ll notice that bars, where you can stay in the pool and still be served your drinks, are all the rage. Some people are even opting to put those in the backyard. The pool itself has stone seats in it that sit on a countertop. The countertop is attached to an outdoor kitchen area, from which drinks can be served. The only downside? You’ll probably need volunteer friends and family as your servers.

Some water and fire backyard pool design ideas

Nothing classes up space like adding some elemental features. Water features and pools were made for each other. Some pools have small waterfall features or spray jets. Others have shallow ends with a bubbling fountain feature in the middle.

Then some homeowners go the distance and add complementary fire features right along the side of the pool. Options include built-in torches or features that resemble a small fire pit with charcoal in them.

Wading pool

Some pool designers are opting for wading pool options. Parts of the pool are ultra-shallow, which is good for children, or adults who want to just relax in some shallow water instead of going for a full dunk. Many of these designs lead directly into the main pool in one drop-off.

Going minimalist with a never-ending pool

In case you haven’t seen the never-ending pool, this is a small pool that’s a little over the length of a tall person with a width that gives enough space for swimming forward. It’s basically a long hot tub in size. The pool generates a current that you swim against.

It’s a great option if you primarily have a pool for the workout, and it fits into smaller yards. A great design idea is surrounding it with soothing shrubs and vine features. These pools are also convenient if placed right off small decks.

Individual lap pool

Similar to the never-ending pool, there’s the single lap pool. The pool doesn’t generate a constant current, meaning less maintenance on machinery. However, one long lap lane makes up the shape of the pool. It’s one of the perfect backyard pool design ideas for small yards or the budget conscious.

The mini waterpark

Slides next to backyard pools are nothing new. However, some designs are getting really creative. One example is poolside faux rock features that have a slide built into them. Some of these rock features will incorporate waterfalls, as well. There are countless design ideas around the waterpark idea. This website will help with your ideation.

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