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Corner Kitchen Cabinet Solution: Easy Access Hinges

Several weeks ago we suggested adding a Lazy Susan during your kitchen remodel to use corner cabinet space effectively. But you still need to have enough room to get into the space. What do we recommend? Why not try adding easy access hinges on the door of the cabinet?

Easy Access Corner Cabinet Hinges

As you can see in the photo to the right (from our Los Gatos remodeling project), adding easy access hinges to a corner cabinet is a fantastic way to allow you to use the space effectively. For lower cabinets, a Lazy Susan still lets you grab what you need to without finding yourself on the floor, and for upper cabinets the wider door space allows you to use all the space so no area is wasted or out of reach.

Choosing the Perfect Hinges

Of course, when it comes to choosing hinges there’s more than the way they open the cabinet door. Home Style Choices offers a very comprehensive overview of the different types of hinges available and the pros/cons to choosing them. Here is some basic advice they offer:

  • There are many styles of kitchen cabinet hinges available…they all fall into two basic categories: exposed and concealed.

  • Exposed hinges are the kind of cabinet hinge you see (or partially see) when the cabinet door is closed.

  • One drawback with traditional exposed hinges that have a generous swing angle is that they can sometimes bang into adjacent cabinets…It’s particularly nasty on a corner cabinet where one door only has to swing a little bit past 90 degrees to hit the adjacent door.

  • Concealed hinges cannot be seen when the cabinet door is closed. They’re also known as “hidden” hinges.

  • Concealed hinges, regardless of type, require some drilling and/or a mortise be cut into the cabinetry.

  • Choosing the right kitchen cabinet hinges comes down to answering some questions about your wants and needs regarding the look and function of your cabinets.

    • What is the style of cabinet you currently have or are looking to buy?

    • Are you buying completely new cabinets or refurbishing your existing cabinets?

    • What level of convenience and accessibility do you want/need?

Do you have a corner cabinet you wish was easier to access? Contact us to find out how we can help! CAGE Design Build specializes in both smaller projects and whole-house remodels.

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