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Creating a Wine Rack in Your Home

Do you like to keep your wine bottles in your home and on-hand? A home remodel is a fantastic time to add a wine rack in your kitchen, dining area or living room.

Designing the Perfect Wine Rack

No matter where you want to display your wine bottles, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Consider how large you want your wine rack to be. How many wine bottles do you want to display? How much space do you want it to take up in your home?

  • Think about your style. What fits into the overall design of your home? Do you want a rack that lives on a kitchen counter or that’s a stand-alone unit? As you can see in the photo, our Saratoga kitchen remodel included adding an area for the wine to be stored inside a cabinet, which fit the style of the homeowners in addition to being fully-functional.

  • Make sure the wine bottles are stored horizontally. As any wine aficionado would tell you, this keeps the cork wet and the neck of the bottle free from debris.

  • Be sure the area is deep enough to accommodate wine bottles. You don’t want the neck sticking out for guests to accidentally run into and knock over, plus if it’s deeper, it’s also sturdier. Plan on the wine rack being at least seven inches deep.

  • Think about the environment surrounding the rack. If you make it out of wood and the climate is wet and damp, like a cellar, you’re more likely to run into problems with the wood expanding and contracting throughout the year.

Remember, there’s no change too small to make during a home remodel. If you’ve always wanted a place to keep your wine bottles, this could be the perfect time to add them into the overall design of the space. Want ideas about how a wine rack or other design element might fit into your home? Contact us today for a complimentary in-home consultation!

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