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Fabulous Flooring: Oak Hardwood Floors

Have you considered your flooring lately? As a prominent part of your overall design, a home remodel is a good time to consider updating various rooms with something like oak hardwood floors. Used throughout our recent Los Gatos remodeling project (as you can see in the picture), oak flooring is a beautiful, classic option that will last for decades and add value to your home.

Benefits to Oak Hardwood Floors

Why should you consider oak flooring for your home? As San Jose Hardwood Floors explains, wood flooring is known for several benefits:

  • Adding value. Wood enhances the décor of any room and provides timeless, classic beauty that becomes more valuable over time. In fact, in a national survey of real estate agents, 90% said that houses with wood floors sell faster and for higher prices than houses without hardwood.

  • Adding style. You can choose species, stains and finishes to personalize your flooring. Oak hardwood floors are a popular option for those that like traditional styles and rich finishes like mahogany or honey.

  • Adding durability. Oak flooring is one of the strongest species available, which means it’s a great fit for areas with heavy foot traffic or homes with young children and pets. In addition to solid oak hardwood floors, you can also find oak as engineered flooring, which is more dimensionally stable and great for rooms with some moisture like kitchens and basements.

  • Adding sustainability. Buying wood that’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) will help you rest assured that your oak hardwood floors are from trees that were harvested responsibly.

In addition to all of this, oak flooring is hypoallergenic and very easy to maintain, making it a great fit for those with busy schedules. It’s no wonder many homeowners (like our Los Gatos remodeling clients) choose this type of floor!

Installing Your Oak Flooring

Despite a lot of do-it-yourself options out there, we recommend having your floors installed by an expert. As well as knowing exactly which leveling composites would be best, flooring specialists hold certifications in specific ways to add floors to your home. Unfortunately, if it’s done incorrectly, many manufacturers will void the warranty, leaving you with a floor that isn’t quite as beautiful and won’t last as long as you may have hoped. The good news is we’ve worked with many flooring experts in the area and are happy to connect you with someone that will do an outstanding job.

Want to know more about oak flooring as an option for your home remodel? Contact us to find out more and to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation!

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