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Illuminating Your Yard with LED Lights

By now, it’s no shock that we love LED lights. As we shared in our last post about lighting your home, “they last longer than incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), are free from toxic materials like mercury, can deliver the same amount of light using just 10-15% of the power as conventional technologies and have a higher color rendering.” So why not put them outside your home as well?

As you think about your front and backyard landscape, consider how lighting will play into the atmosphere. Incorporating LED lights into the design will give you an eco-friendly option that works with any style – there are literally tens of thousands of sizes and styles of exterior LED light fixtures available.

In addition to the benefits we already mentioned, LED lights offer additional advantages when used outside:

  • Safety – By shining more light in your backyard than standard bulbs, they can offer more visibility and help you prevent tripping over garden tools.

  • Colors – In addition to the wide variety of sizes and styles of fixtures available, LED lights come in a wide variety of colors so your lighting can match your overall theme.

  • Efficiency – Although we’ve mentioned efficiency before, it’s worth mentioning again because LED landscape lights are actually about 80 percent more efficient than other types of outdoor lighting.

  • Flexibility – Because of how small LED lights are, homeowners have the flexibility to use them in many more places than standard lighting would allow for.

Do you want specific ideas for incorporating LED lights on your home’s exterior? Contact us for a complimentary consultation!

Photo Credit: dSPACE Studio Ltd

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