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Kitchen Remodeling: Creating Storage Space with a Kitchen Bench

A kitchen remodeling project is a fantastic time to create more storage space in what can be a somewhat small room. Although expanding the area is sometimes an option, more frequently you are stuck with the square footage you have. So where can you find a little room to hide a few items? As in our Saratoga kitchen design, creating kitchen bench storage by adding built-in seating where you intend to put the table can be a great option.

Creating Kitchen Bench Storage

Creating storage space during a kitchen remodeling project is a natural time to make the change. Although you can certainly buy a kitchen bench, allowing your contractor to create one that is built in and fits with the overall kitchen design will increase value to your home in addition to fitting seamlessly into the space.

In addition to matching the color and style to your kitchen design, a custom kitchen bench will fit into whichever area of the room you choose. In fact, if you browse for “kitchen bench storage” ideas on Houzz, you’ll come across all types of sizes, styles and places that homeowners place a bench during a kitchen remodeling project, including:

  • In the corner

  • Along one wall

  • In a booth style

  • With a drawer that slides out

  • As a window seat next to the table

  • At the end of an island

Although kitchen bench storage might be a standard solution, there doesn’t need to be anything traditional about the design you choose.

How to Create Kitchen Storage Space in Other Ways

Of course, there are ways to create kitchen storage space beyond a kitchen bench. Here are a few other ideas to consider:

  • Hang items like pots and pans. In addition to giving you more kitchen storage space for other items, this can add a nice decorative element.

  • Use cabinet accessories like a lazy susan or tray storage cabinet to effectively use every inch of kitchen storage space you have.

  • Keep your kitchen organized with the organization tips we shared in this post.

Do you need help creating more kitchen storage space? From a custom kitchen bench to cabinet accessories and more, we can help! Contact us today for a complimentary in-home consultation and we can give you ideas for your kitchen remodeling project. Be sure you check out our remodeling portfolio for some design inspiration, too!

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