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Lighting Your Home With Pendants

When it comes to lighting your home, there are lots of options for homeowners to consider. In the past we’ve discussed LED lights and skylights, but there’s another option that can fit into a wide variety of home designs: pendant lights.

What are pendant lights?

Simply put, pendant lights are fixtures that hang from the ceiling. There is usually some sort of shade over the bulb that provides a design element in addition to lighting the room. They come in many different sizes and styles that can be mixed and matched to fit the homeowner’s style perfectly. Our Saratoga remodeling project chose to use a couple of different designs for their pendant lighting, as you can see in the photo.

What are their benefits?

Because pendant lights hang lower than ceiling lighting, they can brighten an area in a more focused way. For example, hanging a few pendants over a kitchen island will illuminate that area more than the entire room, which can create more comfortable ambiance. As the homeowner, you can decide how focused you want the pendant’s lighting to be by choosing how high or low the bulb hangs.

Another benefit to pendant lighting is the ease of maintenance. Almost everyone prefers to spend their time doing something other than cleaning, and with this option the homeowner can just reach up and dust the lights off without needing to drag out a ladder.

Where do we recommend using pendant lighting?

Pendant lights are a fantastic and functional design element to use when lighting the kitchen and dining room. They’re perfect for illuminating a kitchen island, and many homeowners choose to hang them over the dining room area. We generally recommend “The Rule of Three” which states, “An easy way to achieve balance is to repeat an element three times.”

Are you considering pendant lighting for your home? Contact us today for a complimentary in-home consultation! Our design build team can make recommendations based on your style, budget and space.

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