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Molding – How It Can Add a Special Touch To Your Remodel

Whether you are remodeling a room in your house or taking on a slightly bigger project; molding can really spruce up your home.

Crown molding is the word most often used to describe moldings designed to decorate the walls, cabinets and doorframes in a home among other things. Molding can add a luxurious touch to your remodel quickly and easily.

But don’t confuse ease with quality! The quality used for materials can make all the difference in how the look comes together after the moldings have been installed. As a matter of fact, there are seven myths when it comes to crown molding installation.

Among some of those myths (and truths) are:

Myth: Not being able to install crown molding because of too-low ceilings. Truth: In reality, crown molding gives the room the appearance that it has taller ceilings than it does.

Myth: Being under the impression that flimsy crown molding will add the same value as more expensive, higher quality materials. Truth: As with everything, quality matters and higher quality not only looks better but also lasts longer.

Myth: Crown molding is not ideal for children’s rooms. Truth: Molding can be highly durable and can even help protect walls in playrooms and children’s rooms.

Myth: All the crown molding should be the white or be the same through the whole house. Truth: Spice it up! Changing the color of molding in your home or changing the style in different rooms can help you maximize the design potential.

Houzz has some great ideas for different uses of molding and the 8 elements that you must know when thinking molding for your home. Of course, along with crown molding and baseboards, it is also important to know about window and door castings, pictures rails, and chair rails.

While there are many do it yourself articles for installing crown molding or trim molding on your own, sometimes it’s a better idea to ask a professional. For any questions or to request your complimentary consultation, give us a call. Here at C.A.G.E. Design Build we are happy to help with your home remodeling needs!

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