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Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

January is often a time people think of home organization. How can you get your house in order?

We’ve discussed kitchen cabinet accessories before and their importance when it comes to keeping the cabinet space organized. Accessories can help you maximize the area and keep an easily-crowded room efficient; incorporating them into your kitchen cabinets during a remodel is a perfect time.

Must-Have Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Three extremely helpful kitchen cabinet accessories that we recently incorporated into our Saratoga remodeling project are:

  1. A pull-out spice cabinet (pictured).

  2. A lazy susan.

  3. A tray storage cabinet (also pictured).

As you can see from the photos, a pull-out spice cabinet puts the spices front and center and a tray storage cabinet adds dividers, both of which make finding the spice or tray you want quick and easy. It’s all too common for these areas of kitchen cabinets to become cluttered and disorganized; these accessories help the homeowner keep their kitchen in order without a lot of extra effort.

A lazy susan is another one of those convenient kitchen cabinet accessories we incorporated into our Saratoga remodeling project. How many times have you looked in the very back of your kitchen cabinets and found something you’d completely forgotten about? A lazy susan can help you use those hard-to-reach places more efficiently by allowing you to rotate the contents of the cabinet around to the front. This accessory is perfect for kitchen cabinets built in the corner or above the stove – two areas that are less convenient for rooting around.

Browsing Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Do you want additional accessory ideas for your kitchen cabinets? Hafele and Rev-A-Shelf both make a lot of fun accessories for the kitchen, bathroom, garage etc. Feel free to browse through their sites for inspiration or contact us! We help a lot of homeowners find practical ways to organize various rooms of their house, and our in-home consultation is completely complimentary.

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