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NKBA Awards CAGE Design Build For Recent Remodeling Projects

We are thrilled to announce the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) awarded CAGE Design Build first place in the Master Bathroom Suite category and second place in the Small Bath category! The NKBA announced the results on the 17th, and winners ranged in various kitchen and bath categories including small, medium, large, judges choice and more. CAGE Design Build submitted rooms from our Saratoga remodeling project and San Jose remodeling project, both designed by our own Kelly Funk. With more than 50 entries in various categories, David and Kelly were thrilled to win the first time they submitted their projects.

What did the NKBA use to evaluate each project?

Although CAGE Design Build needed to submit a lot of paperwork with their entries, they found the accomplishment to be very rewarding. The NKBA asked for a design statement listing the client’s wishlist, the challenges and the solution along with a floor plan and elevations illustrating the project in NKBA graphic standards and/or project photos.

Master Suite Remodel Details

The main design challenge with this remodel was to create a much larger master suite without adding square footage to the home. The client wanted to add storage space for her large purse and shoe collection, in addition to a seated make up area, a large two person shower, a place for a small TV to watch morning news and sports and more. The challenges were maintaining privacy while providing natural light in addition to limited space to incorporate the changes. CAGE Design Build solved these problems by using the home’s unused fourth bedroom to enlarge the master closet and bath, adding skylights to provide natural light while reserving privacy, incorporating a TV into the bath cabinetry (which is controlled by a whole house Savant control system), rearranging the plumbing fixtures to accommodate separate sink and toilet areas along with the two person shower and vaulting the ceilings to solve storage and visual appeal challenges.

Small Bath Remodel Details

The main design challenge with this remodel was to provide useable storage while maintaining an open feel to the bath. The client wanted a colorful bath while keeping it traditional in style. They also wanted to replace the existing tub with a newer, more comfortable one and felt a smaller window would be more appropriate for the size of the room. Storage for bath products was on the client’s wishlist as well. The challenges were that the existing bath was extremely small with no room for expansion and the storage solutions were hazardous to those who used the bath. CAGE Design Build solved these problems by adding a pedestal sink, adding storage above the toilet and using tile wainscot with glass tile accents to provide continuity throughout the bath in addition to a custom mirror that repeats the same glass accent tiles.

Do you want to remodel your bath but feel the challenges are too great? Contact CAGE Design Build today! They can help make your remodeling dream a reality; their complimentary in-home consultation is a great place to start.

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