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What Exactly Does “Design-Build” Mean?

Do you understand the term “design-build”? Although it’s in our name, a lot of homeowners don’t actually understand how convenient it is to work with design-build contractors during their home remodel.

Design-build is an approach to construction in which one entity, the design-build team, works under one contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services.

Through design-build services like those CAGE Design Build offers, there is:

  • A lot more control with the price, initial budget and final budget.

  • A higher quality of design and construction because the builder is part of the design team at an early stage, and the designer is involved in the construction.

  • More thorough and accurate communication as the designer and builder work with each other on a close and regular basis.

What should you keep in mind when hiring design-build contractors? Consider how well they fulfill expectations by asking past clients. Ask them what their process is and how the design and build elements work together. Also remember to check out their contractor, as s/he is an important member of their team.

Want to learn more about design-build services and the process involved? Contact us so we can answer your specific questions!

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